Speed Humps

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Efficient installations of Speed Hump Solutions for customers across the South Coast.

Do not take the risk of cars and trucks speeding through your premises. Fitting speed humps ensure all measures are taken to reduce this risk and help to protect people and property. All speed humps are made from a 100% recycled solid rubber compound to guarantee longevity and durability and have a weight capacity of 20,000kg. All mid-sections have reflectors fitted as standard.

The speed humps we supply and fit come in kits so we can supply you with the width you require to fit your space.

  • 50mm high humps reducing speed to 10 mph
  • 60mm high heavy duty humps reducing speed to 10mph
  • 75mm steel reinforced humps reducing speed to 5mph (ideal for lorries)

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Our speed bump installation services are designed to address the critical need for enhanced safety and traffic control. With a team of experienced professionals, we prioritise precision and efficiency in every installation project. Our services cater to diverse settings, including residential areas, school zones, parking lots, and commercial spaces.

We understand the unique requirements of each location and tailor our installations accordingly, ensuring optimal effectiveness in speed reduction and traffic calming. Employing high-quality materials, our speed bumps are durable and weather-resistant, guaranteeing a long-lasting solution.

Improve your road safety by contacting our team today for speed hump installations.

The importance of Speed Humps.

Traffic Calming:

Speed bumps are effective tools for slowing down vehicles, particularly in residential areas, school zones, and areas with high pedestrian activity. They encourage drivers to reduce their speed, enhancing overall safety.

Pedestrian Safety:

In areas with foot traffic, speed bumps serve as a protective measure for pedestrians. Slower vehicle speeds reduce the risk of accidents and enhance the safety of individuals crossing streets or walking along sidewalks.

Accident Prevention:

Speed bumps contribute to accident prevention by minimizing the likelihood of collisions, especially in areas where sudden stops or changes in traffic flow are necessary.